Leveraging AI for Data-Driven Execution Excellence

At AiLog, we provide an end-to-end unified platform providing cost-effective, efficient and transparent solution

Data-driven insights and precision planning are the heart of a successful execution; that can be achieved by utilizing cutting-edge technology with high level of digitization across the entire network to capture real time data synchronized with the physical flow

Efficient Management

Our system ensures the optimization of the end-to-end operations resulting in cost efficiency, on-time and reliable service

Real Time Visibility

The platform provides real-time visibility, offering quick access to crucial information for informed decisions making

Performance Monitoring

Our solution delivers customizable reporting, enabling clients to access diverse performance metrics in real-time and any preferred format


  • Delivery scheduling and planning
  • BOQ and supplier PO management
  • Critical events and milestones definition
  • Reporting discrepancies between planned and actual events
  • Project performance analysis
  • Comprehensive warehousing management for hub or site inventory
  • Real-time tracking and tracing of cargo from pickup to site delivery
  • System notifications and email alerts for exception handling
  • Generation of shipping documents (BL, AWB, CMR, etc.) with approval workflow
  • Customs clearance management


  • Achieve near real-time visibility across the entire process, enabling precise control at every step
  • Enhance planning and minimize safety stock with improved inventory visibility
  • Exercise cost control and optimization through transparent, IT-based analysis of operational processes
  • Early detection of supply chain risks for informed decision-making and improved control over critical events
  • Comprehensive management of purchase orders and line-items, covering classifications, translations, expediting, material inspection, and discrepancy handling
  • HSE checklists and incident management protocols
  • Invoicing portal with freight audit capabilities

AiLog’s system allows its clients to optimize its operations leading to cost savings and on-time performance